Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why I blog

My husband has asked on several occasions, "Why do you write that blog?  What's the purpose?"  Hmmmm, good question.  Here's what I came up with, a list of why I blog.

1.  I enjoy writing. I do it for fun.
2. It gives me an excuse to put on headphones, listen to music and not be bothered.

3.  I am opinionated.

4.  I WAY over-think too many things.

5.  It makes me more reflective in my daily life.  I am always thinking of how I can turn conversations or situations into a blog post/rant.

6.  I blog about things I enjoy, things I find funny or things that bother me.  It's similar to therapy, but in a more public way. 

If you know me in "real life" you know that I am quirky, goofy and have a pretty good sense of humor.  I don't take things too seriously.  I like to have fun and see the hilarity in everyday life.  I am not here to impart some grand wisdom or make you change points of view with this here blog.  Much of what I like to write about are things that I dwell on, obsess about and ponder in my daily life. 

I write this blog because I REALLY enjoy writing, but I don't really like putting pen to paper.  It's much easier to type anyways.  I used to keep a journal but that was before computers were so easily accessible.  It took too much time and didn't have spell check.  (Remember I obsess about things and spelling is one of them, because I'm not good at it.)

If you like the things that I have to say, good.  If you disagree and think I'm an idiot, fine.  I hope that the people who choose to read my blog do it for the purposes of finding like minded people with everyday problems, discoveries and interests. 

I don't really have a set theme or niche to speak of.  I write about what I am obsessing about at the moment; sometimes it's about a DIY project, sometimes food, sometimes a larger social issue.  You never know what you might find here. 

I encourage my readers to comment and I will gladly respond.  As I tell all my friends, WRITE ON SISTER!

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