Thursday, January 10, 2013

Luci Moon's Birthday

Five years ago I was so worried what life would be like with a new baby, three year old, no job and no education to fall back on.  While my flower shop had just closed weeks before and I was facing, what seemed at the time to be, financial ruin, I was also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl.  Lucinda Moon graced us with her presence in the early hours of Jan. 10, 2008.  She
was beautiful then and now and I love her more everyday. 

Never could I have imagined how wonderful life would be since having her.  While all the worry, stress, hopelessness of the bankruptcy and closure of my business kept me awake at night,  it all dissipated with the arrival of Luci. 

From the beginning, she was very laid back.  I never knew that a baby could sleep so well!  Luci instantly slept through the night with the occasional bottle here and there.  She would sleep in the bouncy seat, in the car, in restaurants, where ever we went, she slept!  Once, she even fell asleep while sitting at center ice of a hockey game!  Love that kid!

She has always had a very distinct personality.  She is all girl, yet she definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer.  She is every bit of free spirit that her name implies.  She loves to play dress up, princesses, army, horses, and Barbies.  She can be seen wielding a sword, while wearing a princess dress, cowboy hat, all while riding a horse dressed in royal regalia. 
Today started at 5:45am, and she quickly informed me that over night she might have easily grown 3" since yesterday.  (She even got the measuring stick to show me.)  While the day for the rest of us involved going to work, school and running errands, it was magical for Luci.  Because that's the way she is.  She can take the mundane and make it magical.  She has a talent for it.  So this is what our day was like.

My students made cards for her. (Not planned, but my Smartboard decided to be a turd, so we had 10 minutes to kill.) She loved the cards, by the way!
She got to choose where we went for dinner.  She said "Chili's has the best mac and cheese, Mom!"
Birthday Brownie! Look how her little fist is clenched in excitement. Love her.
Every girl needs roses from her Daddy on her birthday.  She loves pink and green right now.
She was so excited to open her presents.  (We are having a real party on Sunday for her.  She couldn't wait to open something.)
Beauty and the Beast theater tickets for next week!
Clothes from Namma!
Beautiful dress to wear to Beauty and the Beast.

Birthday dress to wear to her party on Sunday.
The day went by too fast, as the last five years have. I did get to ask her how she liked being five and she said "It's awesome. Mom!"

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