Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Guest Post: Ricochet Dalai Dog

A day in the life of Ricochet, 6 month old Catahoula pup:

6:33am- The humans are getting up, that means it's breakfast time!  Outside first, then breakfast.  Boy, am I excited. 

6:35am- Race Winston, the Yorkie, outside to get to the Peeing Spot.  Run full speed down Hallway, slide across the kitchen floor, and out the door.

Sniff for at least 2 minutes to find Peeing Spot.

Wrestle Winston to show him I'm in charge.  Yip when he bites me back.

6:46am- Bark at the door for the humans to let me back inside.  I almost forgot about breakfast!!
Head to the Dish and gobble down Puppy Chow as fast as I can because it's time to wrestle again.

6:47am- Now that breakfast is done, find the Yorkie and wrestle some more.  Yip when he bites me back.  Time to find Mom and snuggle.

6:49am-  Found her! She is in Bed!  Jump up and bite her nose.  Snuggle and enjoy belly rubs. 

7:32am-  Did I finish my breakfast?  Maybe I'll just check to make sure.  Bite Mom's ears to let her know that I'm leaving.

Yep.  Ate all the breakfast.  Where's that Yorkie?

8:00am-  Time for Treats!  Dad gives me a bone Treat to chew.  I take it in the room where Mom is sleeping.  It's my favorite spot to chew.  I like the way the crunching sounds against the hard floor.

8:02am-  Mom's up!  That means Play!  And Ball!  And Snuggle!

8:25am- Run 15 fast laps around Living Room because I'm so excited that Mom's up.  She's even yelling and cheering for me!  She says things like "No, Rico!  Slow down!  Stop it!"  She really seems excited for me. I just love her.

8:29am-  Pass out on Living Room rug due to exhaustion.

9:35am-  What's that!?  I heard something!  Jump up and go check it out.
Find the source of Noise.  It's that reflection in the window.  Bark at reflection for 5 minutes.  Mom yells at it too.  She says things like "No, Rico!  That's your reflection!  Stop it!  Quit barking!"  Finally Noise is gone.  I scared it away.  Good thing they have me here.

9:37am-  Go back to Living Room to continue nap time.

11:04am-  Bored with nap time.  Go find Kong to chew on something for a while.  Didn't find Kong, but I did find Toilet Paper!  My favorite!  Grab Toilet Paper and bring it into Living Room.  Start shredding!

11:06am-  Mom found out about Toilet Paper.  She got mad about it.  She took it away and showed me her teeth.  I guess she wanted to shred it herself.  Dang it.

11:35am-  Sit at Door and whine to go outside again.  Mom let's me out.  Return to the door in 30 seconds because I didn't really have to go.

12:09pm-  I just remembered!  I haven't checked Laundry Room garbage yet today.  I wonder if there's Dryer Sheets in there today?  Let's go see.

12:14pm-  I found Dry Sheets but Mom took them away and showed me her teeth again.  She doesn't let me have any fun!

12:24pm-  The Littles are having lunch!  That means crumbs.  Second breakfast is here!

12:58pm-  Nap again in Living Room because exhausted from wrestling Winston again for crumbs.  He won.

1:23pm-  Randomly whine at Mom.  Then she Snuggles me. 

1:35pm-  Time to go outside again.  Stand at Door and whine.  Littles let me out but Winston doesn't want to come.  Fine.  I'll go by myself. 

Run around outside randomly barking at leaves, wind and rocks.  Find Dirt Spot to lay down for a bit in the sun.  I like Dirt Spot because it's cool but the sun is warm.  Nap in Dirt Spot for a while.

2:09pm-  Littles are outside!!  I like them.  That means Play!  And Ball!  And Chase!

3:04pm-  Bark at the door to go inside.  I'm tired from all the napping, Play, Ball and Chase.  I need a nap.

4:53pm-  Dad is home!  That means Wrestle!! 
Once Dad is in the door, run, jump and bark until he pets me.  He's my favorite.  He likes to Wrestle. 

5:34pm-  Wrestle Dad in Living Room. He won.

6:26pm-  It's Dinner time!  Dad puts more Puppy Chow in the bowl and I gobble it up.  I need to hurry because it's time to play Ball again. 

6:34pm-  Found Ball and took it to Mom but she was busy.  Dad was outside cutting grass without me.  Littles like Ball, I'll find them.

6:35pm-  Found Littles.  Play Ball with Littles.  They throw Ball 27 times and I bring it back every time.  I'm a good boy.

8:34pm- Stand and whine at the door one more time before Bed.  Wrestle Winston one last time.

9:25pm-  Jump into chair with Mom or Dad and pass out from exhaustion. 

10:25pm-  Time to go to Actual Bed.  Littles are in Bed.  Dad and Mom are in Bed.  Circle my Pillow 12 times and plop down. 

10:29pm-  Not sure of the position and wondering what Winston is doing.  Get up and army crawl under Bed.  Yep.  Winston's under there.  Sleeping.  Wake him up, circle the room 8 more times, then plop back down on Pillow. 

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