Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost Hoooowwlloween

Somethings that happened today:
1. I got to leave school early today due to a dreaded doctor visit. But bonus was that I only worked until noon.

2. I got to eat lunch in peace and all alone at Panera Bread today. I usually don't go there just because it's a little kitchy for me but I will admit that the food rocked.

3. I went to the Neonatal ICU to see my best friend's baby, Lucas. He was so tiny and sweet. I loved watching my friend and her husband with their new baby. It was so amazing to watch them work together just to change a diaper. The new parent fumbling are sweet and endearing to witness.

4. I went to the dreaded doctor appointment and was pleasantly surprised. I have had an alien lump growing in my throat for a little over a year now. I have been back and forth and trying different meds but apparently, the little bugger has grown. The doc and I agreed that it was time to stop playing Mr. Niceguy and remove it. Although the recovery time is two weeks, I am excited to get it done and over with. We think that I can hold off until summer break so that I don't have to miss much school. I go back for a followup visit in February.

5. Enough of that, has anyone seen the beautiful moon lately?!? I think the full moon is technically on Sat. but it sure looks full to me. I think I'll howl at it. Ow Ow OOOOOOwwww!

6. Luci is a beast. Tonight I cut up a carmel apple for her and Ivan and later she found a nut on the table. After holding it for a long time, I asked "Are you going to eat it or not?" She thought. "Not!" she said as she tossed it over her shoulder onto the floor. Good thing we have two famished dogs.

7. I forgot that Ivan's snack day was tomorrow, so I had to run like hell to get to the grocery store and back so that I could bathe the beast children before bed. Cheese on Cheese it is!

8. I am STOKED that tonight is Criminal Minds night. I think Dr. Reed is a hottie. Plus I really like his new haircut.

9. How the hell does my fridgerator keep getting so friggin dirty! I feel like I just cleaned and wiped it all out and the bottom is all sticky again! Who keeps spilling juice, koolaid, tea or whatever it is!?! I need a fridge cam.

10. Speaking of the doctor appt. Did I mention that it is extremely hard to focus on the important health facts at hand, when I can't get over the fact that my doctor looks exactly like John Malkovich!

11. After some though, I think a fridge cam would be a bad idea. Too many evidence photos of me when no one is looking.

12. I'm super excited for the weekend because our friends Shane and Laura are having a house warming/birthday party. I am so ready for a party that isn't at my house. Only down side is that we will be taking the kids, so I can't dance on the table.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's been years.....

I know it's been a million years since I've posted on this here blog, but I've been a little busy. Since the end of July, I have had such a whirl wind life experience!

I was just about to concede and accept that I may not be teaching this school year. I had researched the ideas of making and selling crap on etsy and ebay. And low and behold....I got the call. I had an interview for a second grade position in the district where I student taught last year. With a huge ball of nerves and new business suit, I entered the interview and totally nailed it. I got the call the very next day and it was all I could do not to scream into the Principal's ear when she told me I got the job.

The task that lay ahead was something that I had studied, waited and prepared for for years! Upon gaining access to my new classroom just one week before district meetings began, I walked in to find this......

Please take notice that I didn't even have a teacher's desk yet. Not to mention that I still had to move all my own stuff in. Needless to say, it is now mid-October and I finally feel settled in.

My class is reasonably small, only 16 students, but holy shit they are wild! The first 6-7 weeks was me being a bad ass drill sergeant and maintaining balance and sanity. We have finally reach a point that I can ease off them a little bit and we are having some fun.

Besides that, Ivan started first grade and is doing great. He's reading and writing and loving it....well, not exactly. But he's doing it! He's becoming a good reader but a reluctant one. I keep trying to entice him with cool books but he's still not interested.

Luci is almost three and has a ton of sass and attitude. She's trying to figure out the potty thing and likes getting stickers when she goes. The other day she went on the potty and I told her she was a big girl. She replied with, "Can I go to school now?" I know who my scholar will be.

Jake and I took a much needed weekend trip to Starved Rock State Park for a weekend without kids and it was wonderful. We ate, shopped, ate, hiked and ate some more. It's amazing to me how much I enjoy his company when we have time alone.

Halloween is upon us now and I just pray that the coming months won't be nearly as scary as the previous!