Sunday, January 30, 2011

Summer Home

Life just keeps getting better here at Eco-girl!  This weekend was full of wonderful surprises and let me say that I don't have enough photos to be posting this but I was so excited that I haven't had time to take the photos necessary.  I will update this later.

I digress... Friday, late afternoon, I get a text from Jake that read:  We have to talk tonight.  Found a camper in great condition and super cheap.

At first, my thoughts immediately went to the cost involved but my ears perked up just the same.  When I got home to find a very jazzed Jake, he explained the details of the said camper. (He calls it a trailer, but I insist on calling it a camper. I think trailer sounds so white trashy.)  Turns out my step-dad (who also owns about 40 acres that we frequently camp on in the summer and currently have a trashy camper there) stumbled upon a 1997 Jayco "trailer".   The guy was selling it for $4500, which may sound like alot but once you see the pics you will be impressed.  After a long conversation about the financials involved, Jake and I agreed that it would be a wise investment for our family.  We love spending weekends out at the lake in the summer.  And who can blame me with a view like this??

Jake went to see the camper, I mean trailer, Saturday morning and decided it was worth every dime, so he called me with school-boy enthusiasm.  "We're getting it!"  he chimed into the phone.  As my heart and stomach filled with butterflies of thoughts of lazy summer days and my bare feet in the grass, I asked what it was like, as if I were asking about a long lost friend.  He described with every minute detail, as I hung on every word as if he were describing a new born child.  The inside included a set of bunk beds, perfect for the kids, a private bedroom and full closet, for us , a bathroom with a tub,shower, toilet and sink.  Yes, it has a bathroom!!  Finally, after 12 years of using an outhouse in the middle of the night, we now have a real life bathroom!!  It also boasts a full kitchen with three burner stove, oven, microwave and dinette table, which also flips into a bed.  In addition, it has a couch that flips into a bed, tons of storage and pretty etched glass front cupboards.  It also has duct ran heating and cooling, perfect for our crazy IL weather!

I will be the first to say that I appreciated every minute that we had in our little junky camper, which I blogged about here. However, we have been longing for a more appropriately sized and amititied (?) camping option for some time. 

When he brought the new camper home on Saturday, the same day we decided that we had fallen in love, I was ecstatic!  It was kind of like meeting someone new, falling in love and moving in together all in the same day.  It was everything I dreamed of and more.  As I entered the squeaky screen door, I think I heard it say "Welcome home."  Visions of spending weekends and even weeks at the lake this summer flashed through my head.  I saw Luci and Ivan eating breakfast at the kitchen table while the dogs lay on the floor.  I envisioned cooking dinner for my family while the kids catch lightening bugs outside.  I saw me not having to grab a flashlight and head for the outhouse at 10pm.  What possibilities this camper holds for our family.  It will be the place where our memories are made and I can't wait for Spring now, more than ever.  I have already claimed it as my summer home and big plans are in the works for long term habitation there I tell you!  CHEERS!

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