Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter blahs

Ok, I'm done. Winter has officially gotten on my last nerve. Illinois winters have always been a nuisance but now I'm really done. It is all of 10 degrees outside and that's not including the wind chill factor. The only time I really enjoy winter is when we have the first snowfall and all the trees are pretty in the morning. After that, I'm done. I am ready for spring and all it has to offer. Hell, I would take a good 40 degree day about now. I'm ready for the birds to come back, the trees to sprout new buds and my bulbs to come up. (It's pretty bad that the birds are smart enough to get the f" out of dodge for the winter.)

We are all starting to go a little stir crazy around here. With the weather being as such, the kids can't play outside, Jake can't do whatever it is that guys do outside and I can't hang out on the deck. I've made a New Years Attempt (notice I didn't say resolution, that's so binding) to read and write more everyday. I am happy to say I haven't watched TV since Sunday. Yep that's four whole days now. A real record for me, really. Jake isn't quite sure what to do without a TV buddy. As I blog, he is begging me to watch the new CSI with him. I may give in, after all, it is CSI. That's worth breaking a four day streak, right?

I have been reading a couple different books in the last week. I got a gift card for Borders for Christmas so, of course I bought a few books for the kids and only one for myself. I opted for Wuthering Heights, since I loved it so and haven't read it since high school. I've been reading that when my brain can handle it and when I just feel a little smooshy I read the rest of Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series. It's a little cheesy but what a great and addicting series! I started reading all the Twilight books last Christmas and promptly read the first three books over Christmas break. Then I started reading Breaking Dawn and lost interest in it, not to mention it's like a million pages long. Anyways, I resolved to finish it sometime this year, so I've been working on it. I'm not fully convinced that Edward is this great, mysterious lover that Meyer wants him to be. (I think he borders more on the obsessive and controlling side, if you ask me.) I certainly wouldn't want my young daughter to fall for a guy like that. Nonetheless, it's a good series and I will trudge my way through it just so I can say I have read them all.

With all the reading and no TV, I have kind of started to miss my husband. We bond over sharing snacks and the couch together as we watch mindless TV. He's good company and keeps me entertained. In fact, I think I'll go say hello.

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