Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Self reflection: A Comedy

I don't know why I always do this to myself. Procrastination has gotten the best of me, yet again. It' s become kind of like when you pass off something you don't want to do to someone else. For example, since I have a fairly responsible six year old now, I have convinced him that he loves to vacuum on Sunday's in order to earn more XBOX time. Works. Try it some time.

Anyways, I returned to school yesterday from winter break in a complete whirlwind of disorganization and utter chaos. I was running late, due to the fact that I haven't attempted to get dressed before noon for the last two weeks, let alone making it out the door by 7:45am. I hastily rushed through the main office, got the contents of my mailbox that was overflowed and tried to avoid any direct conversation with anyone. I knew people would all excited to see each other and ask how the break was, but I knew I left myself plenty to keep me busy this particular morning. In my failed attempts to dodge human conversation, I was informed that I would be getting a new student. Right now. This second, in fact, she will be down to my room in a matter of minutes. Lovely.

Not that I mind having a new student, just not today. I wasn't prepared yet.

On Dec. 17, the last day before break my Dec. 17th self decided to leave all the copying for the Jan. 3rd self to do. Then the Dec. 17th self also felt good about the rough outline of a lesson plan for the week, but failed to really think through the details. Another job for the Jan. 3rd self. Additionally, the Dec. 17th self was a total jerk when she decided to leave all the Christmas decorations up for the Jan. 3rd self to clean up!

Turns out the Dec. 17th self didn't realize that the Jan. 3rd self had enough to do, let alone doing all of the 17th's work too! How inconsiderate!? The 17th self didn't even take into consideration that the 3rd self would like to ease back into things and walk into a prepared class, not to mention, what if the 3rd self got a new student!?

In the end, it all worked out and the 3rd self and 17th self are now on speaking terms. The Dec. 17th self decided it was selfish and should never take advantage of the Jan. 3rd self again. An apology was made and lessons learned.

Note to self: Quit talking to yourself, Heather!

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