Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Likes and Dislikes

Lately, I have been all about reading other peoples' blogs and I have been compiling a list of things that I like and don't like about different types of blogs. The list:


The photographer: I like when photographers share there most recent beauties. I like to look at still nature photography, photos of interesting people, not just children and brides in a field, but hobos, people that you meet along the way on a road trip, etc. I like it when the photographer gives a little background info or a caption, so I know what or who I am looking at.

The Foodie: I love reading blogs about recipes and food that people have made. I love it even more if there are pictures. I really adore it when they then share the recipe and any notes. It is especially helpful when they share a downfall or adaptation that can be made. It makes me feel a little more normal to see someone elses' cake fall or a smooshy pasta dish that didn't turn out quite right. I love to cook and try new things, so I always get ideas from others' blogs.

The YouTube Linker: Something attracts me to a blog with a video link involved. As I scan through new blogs to read, I will admit if I see a video I will usually watch it or listen to it, whichever the case. I really think it rocks when the music or video goes with the written blog. If you truly want to see a great example of this check out an older blog I wrote about Denise.

The Interesting World Traveler: There is something magical and tragic about the World Traveler. These blogs always suck me in and I envy their freedom and careless abandon for life's adventures. In addition, the World Traveler usually also falls into The Photographer category as well. They usually have tons of photos and experiences to share that I will never have the opportunity to experience. I live vicariously through The World Traveler.

The Down to Earth: I absolutely love reading a Down to Earth blog. These blogs are usually simple musings of daily life from ordinary people, like myself that find humor in everyday occurrences. If I read about a trip to the grocery store, Walmart or a funny conversation that has a humorous spin or afterthought, I will most definitely read it and possible follow that blog. The whole reason I read blogs is for entertainment and if someone can make me laugh over an ordinary event, then I say, Cheers, we'll be great friends!


The Family Blog: This blog is usually the most irritating to me. It is usually filled with photos of children, pets and family vacations. The content is free of cursing and is generally bland. While I understand that this type of blog is intended to keep distant relatives in touch with what is going on, I don't usually enjoy reading them or viewing them. You can identify a Family Blog fairly quickly based on the name of the blog, i.e. The Jones'- Our Adventure.

The Photographer: You say to yourself "Hey you just said you liked The Photographer" Well, my answer to that is, it depends on the photographer. I have come across many blogs with photography that makes me want to vomit, i.e. The bride in a field, the bride by the river, babies in baskets, etc. I also don't like it when all they do is upload the photos and I don't get a back story or caption. If you want me to be a follower of your blog, please tell me what I am looking at.

The Non-optional Music Blog: There is little that I hate more than this type of blog. I may be casually flipping through blogs and I stop on one that looks a little interesting and WHAM! A bad country song starts to play. Seriously! ? With no option to turn it off before my ears start to bleed, I simply skip the blog. Like I said before, I love a YouTube video, but non-optional music frustrates me. How can you be so sure that everyone that clicks your blog will like some Kenny Chesney song?

The Overly Artsy: I consider myself a pretty creative and artistic being but I get really bored with the people that emit attitude about their art. An aura of "better than you" puts a bad taste in my mouth. While they may also fit into the Interesting World Traveler, if I feel you're a little too cocky about yourself, I will skip your blog.

This is an ongoing list and I may make updates as I read more blogs and my interests change. What types of blogs do you like or dislike?

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  1. Ha! I'm with you on the things I like. There's something great about finding something interesting in the ordinary that makes a blog really accessible. I hate overly religious blogs or blogs where people are complete Negative Nellies. And, of course, I love to look at pictures of people's dogs.