Thursday, January 27, 2011

Short and Sweet

Just a few things that are on my mind tonight...

1)  I only watch American Idol when they do the auditions because I like the really bad singers that think they are awesome.  I really love Steven Tyler as a judge.  I can always tell if the person is going to Hollywood by the goosebumps I get when they sing.  I admit, I get teary eyed sometimes when a really great performer comes on and nails it.  It helps if they have a great back story of hope, courage and over coming something.  I'm sappy that way.

2)  I am in desperate search of free or cheap downloadable audio books for my class.  I want to set up listening stations with books to go with them.  I have searched the entire Internet and I can't find anything that isn't $7 per download or more.  I can't afford that, so my next alternative is reading and recording the audio books myself...which could get interesting.

3)  Problem child hasn't been to school all week so I've gotten a lot done!  I got all my grading period reading assessments done and had time to put together a book shelf and reorganize my classroom library.

4)  It's pretty bad when 30 degrees feels warm outside...

5) I have been listening to Jeff Buckley a lot lately. A lot.  If you don't know who that is, please Google him ASAP.  Jeff Buckley- Grace is amazing and I must say I have probably listened to it at least 5 million times.  Such a tragedy that he died so young and didn't have the opportunity to share more of his raw talent.

6)  Tomorrow is Friday.  That means three things. 1)It's jeans and sweatshirt day, which rocks!  2)It's my treat day so I bought a bunch of yummy breakfast rolls and danishes.  3)The weekend is upon us!  CHEERS!!

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  1. I have to agree with you about American Idol. The auditions are the best part. Nothing like watching people make fools of themselves:)