Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where I'm from

This was an assignment for one of my classes. I enjoyed it so much I thought I would share and those of you that are poetic enough may want to try it and share yours as well. Mine is below and then I listed the template for how to create the poem below that. ENJOY!

“Where I’m From”
by Dalai Mama

I am from roses and daffodils
from Herbal Essence and weeping willows.
I am from the quaint bungalow tucked in between the woods.
(Breezy, cool, shaded and quiet.)
I am from the peony bush.
The lilac tree with its sweet scent that reminds me of my wedding day.
I’m from Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house and tall, strong, independent women.
From Joe and Eileen.
I’m from the stubborn Irish and proud Native Americans,
From the land of the “hide-behinds” and “you look just like your father.”
I’m from converted Catholics and proud Agnostics and those who only worship Mother Nature herself.
I’m from Peoria and Irish descent with a great-grandfather that came here with nothing, from meatloaf and spaghetti.
From the many times he asked her to marry him and she still said no, battling the Korean war, three open heart surgeries before he was 1½ years old, and from starting over again and again.
In the old cedar chest that has been through hunger, poverty and strife but held together and passed on from one house to another. From photos of good times and bad, happiness and anguish, laughter and tears to documents of where we have been and where we headed. Exceptionally, well traveled.

“Where I’m From”
Copy-Change Template
I am from __(specific ordinary item)____
from __(product name) and (?)
I am from the __(home description)___.
(adjective, adjective; sensory detail.)
I am from the __(plant, flower, natural item)___,
the __(plant, flower, natural item)___
(description of the natural item).
I’m from ___(family tradition)___ and ___(family trait)___,
from ___(name of family member)___ and ___(another
I’m from the ___(description of family tendency)__ and __(another
From ___(something you were told as a child) and __(another)__.
I’m from __(representation of religion -
or lack of it)
(further description)
I’m from ___(place of birth and family ancestry),
___(two food items representing your family)___.
From the ____(specific family story about a specific person
and a detail)
the ___(another detail of another family member)___.
___(Location of family pictures, mementos, archives and several
more lines indicating
their worth)

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