Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sorry, I said I would keep you updated and it's been over six hours since my last post.  I had facebook friends worried. 

This evening has been quite eventful with Thundersnow and lightening.  We were eating the dinner that I created  (with our rations) and all of a sudden a loud crash.  Then shortly after a huge flash of lightening and then another huge crash.  Thundersnow.  Google it, I didn't make that up.

Jake finally returned home in one piece and Ivan and I both don't have school again tomorrow.  The radio (see the survival list here) reports say that basically the snow trucks have given up for today and will attempt more street clearing tomorrow after the snow stops.  As of the last report, we have seen 9 inches so far but judging from the snow drifts in front of my house and garage, I would argue that measurement. 

People are still in an uproar on facebook about the weather and are all "this weather is crazy" and "Thundersnow and lightening!"  I sit back and take it all in and laugh. 

A funny conversation that Jake and I had when we got home.

Me:  People are all going nuts about the grocery stores and stuff.
Jake:  Yeah the Kroger here in town was completely out of eggs, bread and milk.  The only eggs left were a few dozen with a bunch of broken ones.  I saw an old lady taking the good ones out to make a full dozen.  Have people lost their minds?
Me:  Pretty much.

Jake is climbing the walls wanting to go out an plow (play on the four wheeler) the driveway and the neighbors' driveways.  He's sweet like that.  Although, tonight he did mention wearing a sign on his back that said "Plow your driveway $10."  He's sweet but also opportunistic. 

So far the electricity is still on but I will have my flashlight nearby, just in case I want to play flashlight tag later.

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