Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon Update

I will be posting throughout the day to keep you updated on the storm. (As I have nothing else to do.)
I have been corresponding all morning with people throughout the Midwest (my friends on facebook) and we have concluded that the new name for this storm is now Snowmageddon, so it will be further referred to. 

I have been taking photos of the impending storm and I will share them with you, but I warn you. They are shocking. 

This was taken at 11:04 CT

This photo was taken at 11:04 CT

This was taken at 12:30CT

This was taken at 12:30CT

This was taken at 1:24CT

This was taken at 1:24CT


This is the camper that I will be hiding out in, dreaming of summer days, if you can't find me come Spring.

You can see that we have a serious problem on our hands.  At approximately 2:20pm I went to the garage (in my pajamas and robe) to fetch some rations (soda) and I found I had to shovel my way out.  Luckily, my smart husband left the shovel next to the front door and the snow hadn't drifted far enough to cover it.  So, I shoveled my way to the garage.  I nearly died from the cold wind blowing across my bare feet (under my slippers).  As I shoveled my way to the garage, two hooligans tried to steal my shovel (my kids asking to come out and play in the snow) and I had to fight my way back to the house.  As I entered the house, people were screaming and running down the street (kids playing down the street in the snow). 

It's getting bad out there, I tell ya.  The children are growing restless and the anticipation of their father's return is killing us.  We have been waiting for days to hear from him (he went to work this morning) and he is not returning our calls.  I am starting to believe that either a) he got lost in a snow drift b) he was attacked by rioters for his truck or c) he is still working.  Whatever the case, we miss him and pray for his safe return.

Some tips that I have thought of, if you happen to be stuck in Snowmageddon 2011:
1.  Leave a shovel near your door, preferably not outside, since the rioting has begun.  You wouldn't want someone to steal it.  This way, if you need to leave the house, you can shovel your way out or use it as a weapon, whatever the case may be.

2.  Wear appropriate clothing.  Shoveling your way to the garage in pajamas, house slippers and rope are NOT appropriate attire.

3.  Keep a fishing pole, hooks, and line close by.  If we need to start hunting and foraging, you will thank me.

4.  Make sure you only bathe when necessary.  Reserve as much water as you can.  You may want to just fill the bathtub now, just in case.

5.  Keep a radio or (better yet) a police scanner going at all times.  This may feed into your paranoia but you will know what is going on at all times.

6.  Gather all the candles, matches and battery powered flashlights in one room.  That way it smells nice and you can play flashlight tag if you get bored.

7.  Don't let any stranger in your home.  This includes neighbors that you once thought were your friends.  In desperate times, you have to think smart.  Anyone outside your immediate family is now an enemy.  Don't let them take advantage of your skilled preparedness.  They should have filled their own bathtub with water.

8.  Have your cell phone fully charged in case the power goes out.  (That way you can still check your facebook.)

9.  Keep tuning in to Dalai Mama for updates.  As long as I can, I will be here, keeping you updated.  So as long as I have power and the rioters don't break down the door!


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