Monday, February 7, 2011

2011: By the Numbers

2011 By the Numbers (so far)

At School/Work:

3- Snow days used
2- Times I have rearranged my classroom
11- The average number of students that show up to school (in my class) on Fridays.
320- Minutes of audio books that I found online. (Thanks for all the help peeps.)

At Home/Personal Life:
3- Books read

1- Books finished from 2010
20- Minutes I cried after reading my first James Patterson book (Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas)
413- Page views to this here blog. (Pretty impressive since I just ramble about nothing!)
1- Summer homes purchased (I keep having to pinch myself, I'm so excited!)
4- Sippy cups found with curdled milk in them after being lost in the toy room/bedrooms.
1- Children I have successfully potty trained (yes, diaper free days are here again!)

40- Pounds of paper that I have recycled. (approx.)
4- Neighbors helped during the snow storm. (technically this is Jake's because he did all the plowing and digging, but I cheered him on!)
6- Boxes of Girl Scout cookies I bought and am so anxiously awaiting ( I did my part...for the children.)

There you have it. My year thus far.  I'm sure there are other more important things that I have done that I failed to mention, but this is what I could think of right now.  What's your year by the numbers been like?

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