Thursday, July 1, 2010

Extrordinary Finds

Super excited because I went shopping the other day and made a few awesome purchases!

1) I bought a great smelling, yummy new shampoo and conditioner. Rosemary Mint. Tell me that doesn't sound awesome. It smells so good, I think it could be used as a glaze or marinade for chicken.

2) I bought a new eco-friendly, phosphate free dishwasher soap. I am a total bargain hunter and it was just as cheap as the off brand. It is by Palmolive and I can't wait to try it. It's Apple Citrus Splash. It just sounds clean, doesn't it?

3) Ivan got a Nerf gun for his birthday that he already had, so we agreed that I would exchange it and buy him a new pair of shoes. As luck would have it, they had one last pair of Toy Story 3 shoes, in his size! And they light up! Victory is mine! I can't wait for him to come back from his 3 day camping/fishing/four wheeling trip to see them.

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