Monday, July 5, 2010

Too much TV

Some recent observations and rants:

1) The humidity can be gauged by Luci's curls. The more humid it is, the tighter the curls in her hair get. The girl has crazy hair as it is and the humidity makes it 10x's worse.

2) Oh Hardees-This new marketing campaign for your hand-battered chicken strips. Do we really need the greasy, pimple-faced teenager to touch my food any more than he already does? Is it really necessary that instead of grabbing frozen chicken strips with tongs, now he has to handle my raw chicken and hand-batter it? As if I really will eat at Hardees anyways. Never again. Not since the button I found in my cheeseburger. Gross!

3) Law and Order marathons are not conducive to being a productive individual. It is so easy to get sucked into one episode after another. I have found that the only way to escape the cycle is this: when I see DICK WOLF's name, I have to turn it or turn it off because if see the even the first minute of the next episode, I'm screwed. They should have to provide a disclosure about the addictive nature of that show.

4) The ASPCA commercials get me every time. They have to play the most heart breaking music and show the most sad little furry faces. I saw one yesterday that had two dogs that look just like mine. It tore me to pieces, but yet, I couldn't change the channel. I felt like, if I turn the channel, I'm turning my back on those poor animals. Damn advertising ploys.

5) I saw a commercial yesterday for an awesome new show: Cupcake Wars. I have to watch this! I'm going to have to find it and set the DVR because I never remember when things are on.

As you can probably tell, I have been watching too much TV in the last few days. It's been too stinkin hot to be outside so we have been veggin out inside. I need to find other things to do though because my brain feels a bit extra mushy from all the Law and Order and bad commercials.

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