Friday, July 23, 2010

Soap Obsession

I have a new obsession......homemade soap. When I bought a small bar at the Farmer's Market several weeks ago, I didn't realize the can of worms that I was opening. I bought a Rosemary Mint bar to go with my new favorite shampoo and conditioner purchased on a separate shopping adventure. Well, since then, I have decided to try making my own homemade soap.

In the last week, I have been researching, reading and asking tons of questions about soap making. I have become a bit obsessed with it. I am constantly thinking of questions and making mental notes about what to look for on the Internet. After much consideration, I decided to try my hand at Melt and Pour process soap making. There is a Cold Process soap making but it involves making soap from pure Lye, which is a hazardous material and must be handled with extreme caution. Being that the kids are likely to be present whilst my soap making commences, I figured this is probably not the best process for me, right now.

After more research, I found a company, Brambleberry, that sells wholesale soap bases, essential oils and all soap making supplies. Talk about being a kid in a candy store! I couldn't believe the vast array of oils and soap bases. After looking, for what felt like hours, I decided on a mixed soap base started kit that includes 1 lb each of their top 7 selling soap bases. It includes hemp, goat's milk, clear glycerin, white glycerin, honey, aloe and shea. Talk about variety!

The essential oils were amazing to look at and read about all the healing properties of each. I decided on about 7 different oils that I can mix and match together.

My order should be here early next week and I can't wait! I have been watching YouTube videos for different ideas about soap making. I have also been clipping herbs from my garden to include in the soaps, to serve as an exfoliant. I have clipped and dehydrated about a pound of herbs so far. My mom also clipped some lavender from her garden for me.

After my order gets here, I will post my first attempts at homemade soap making. We'll see how it turns out!

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