Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ease my Mind and Soul

Today was a wonderful, relaxing day. I got to sleep in this morning and then decided to go to the Riverfront Farmer’s Market. This was the first Saturday that I have had time to go and it was well worth it. The market has loads of fresh fruits, veggies, organic herbs, farm fresh eggs and homemade baked goods. There is also an area where local artists set up shop. There are hand crafted ceramic bowls, photography, hand made jewelry, and blow glass wares.

I perused the local fare for a while first and then headed to the artist area of the market. I could literally spend hundreds of dollars on all the hand crafted blown glass, kids apron dresses and jewelry. I ran into a friend that is a yoga instructor and tried my hand at yoga.

I have never really done yoga, although I have always wanted to try. I will say that it was the most relaxing, soul healing, happiness evoking experience ever. We set up in a shaded area in the grass along the river, under a huge beautiful tree. The relaxed atmosphere was enough to put me to sleep alone! Add in a beautiful day, the sounds and scents in the air, I was truly at peace. The live music added to the perfect mix and made the whole experience more euphoric. I sat under the huge tree that we meditated under earlier and people watched for a while.

It was everything that I needed and exactly what I wanted. I will definitely go back again in the near future!

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