Friday, June 25, 2010

Diggin in the dirt

I resurrected my garden this year, which was a huge triumph! Last summer, I didn’t do anything with it because I was taking a full summer class load. This year, I spent more time and effort by putting down weed stopping black paper. Two years ago, I planted straight into the ground without thought and had a garden full of weeds. This year, I out smarted those weeds and thought it through first. Let’s just be real honest, I don’t have time or energy to weed a garden every day! So far, weeds are at bay and veggies are coming along swimmingly!
I can’t wait to start pickin’ stuff to cook with. I also planted two containers with herbs out in the front of the house. I have oregano, cilantro, basil, parsley and sage. I used some cilantro to make a yummy corn and black bean salad for Ivan’s birthday party. Gotta love fresh cilantro!

Soon I will have Big Boy tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Yellow, Orange, Red and Green bell peppers, JalapeƱo peppers, Serrano peppers, sweet banana peppers and some Mexican spicy something that I forget the name. I also planted two different beans, one is a pole climber and that other is a petite green bean. My cucumber is taking over the back half of the garden and will surely have a few hundred cucumbers, I’m sure! This is also the third year for my strawberries and I have already picked probably a gallon so far. They are blooming again and hopefully we will get another gallon or so. My mom recently gave me several raspberry plants that I planted on the edge of the woods. I haven’t seen any berries yet, so maybe later in the year!

Diggin’ in the garden makes me so happy and knowing that I have grown something for my family to eat makes it taste even sweeter!

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