Friday, June 27, 2014

Teddy Tanks: A Product Fail

I have to know, who is the buffoon that invented this new "toy"?  While watching the Regular Show for the one millionth time, this commercial comes on for the newest Call-Now-to-Order, kids! product, Teddy Tanks. 
Let me get this straight.  You want me to buy a stuffed animal that houses a shatter proof tank that I can fill with water and put a live animal in and give it to my kid?  Great.  Sounds legit.
On the other hand, I guess I could buy it, fill it with water, put a live animal in it and then tell my kids NOT to play with it.  But I wouldn't do that because I don't subscribe to the buying toys for kids and then not letting them play with them. 
I could see filling the tank with Legos, small toys or something, but using it as a fish tank?  Obviously, the people that made this product do not have small children.  As my 10 year old son said "I can see it now.  The parents give the Teddy Tank to their kids and the next thing you know....field goal!"  See, even my ten year old sees the idiocy in this product.  But I'm sure that someone, somewhere is making tons of money on this thing. 
Meanwhile, beta fish everywhere are cringing, shaking in their boots thinking about the prospect of this becoming their new home.  Somewhere a carnival goldfish is screaming NOOOOO! while he dodges twenty ping pong balls being tossed at him.  And parents everywhere are begrudgingly grabbing their credit cards to order now!
Why can't I be the moron that comes up with this stuff?
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