Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My congressman will kick your congressman's ass!

**Let me just start in saying that I am recovering from a really, no, REALLY bad day at school, so if I come off a little snarky or bitchy you will understand. 

I am currently trying to see the good in life's situations (as I always do) and several things make me happy.
1)  I have exactly 17 days of school left before break. ( 2 of which are 1/2 days.)
2)  One of said half days is this Friday! Woot!
3)  The summer home is almost ready for habitation and I can hardly wait.  I can feel the grass between my toes as we speak.
4)  I got an amazing mother's day gift and can't wait to use it.  Guess who's awesome husband got her a day spa package?  This lucky girl!
5)  My dog is cute and a good listener.  I told him all about my day and he smiled at me, sneezed and then said he completely understood.  He's awesome, now if I could just teach him to make cocktails, we'd really be set.
6) That's all I got. ( And that took a lot of effort.)

On the down side some things that are really pissing me off right now. ( Careful, Heather, this list may be longer.)
1) People
2) Ignorant People
3) Ignorant people that reproduce ( ok that was wrong and I take it back. Kinda)
4)  Rude people in public ( I heard a lady say to a waitress tonight, "Hurry up, your tip depends on it"  Really??  Are you that much better than someone? This inferiates me.) 
5) Facebook games.  They get you all hooked and then expect you to buy points to keep playing. Bogus.
6)  Apparently our lovely state of IL is trying to jack with teacher's pensions AGAIN and I could have to pay 28% of my salary to continue my current pension plan.  Sorry, no thanks, I'll just get a job at Taco Bell or something. Especially after the day I had today.

I guess that's it.  Not as bad as I thought it would be.  I guess I covered quite a bit of ground with #1-3 though.  Those pretty much sum it up.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, have you see this!!

Apparently, my friend, ahem, congressman Aaron Schock (R- IL) decided that it would be a good idea to promote men's health by taking his shirt off for a magazine cover.  Hey, no skin of my back, Aaron, I'm not complaining, BUT, is that the best choice for a republican from IL?  My guess is that he is trying to capture the female vote.  Any opinions on this one?

Ok, well, I think that's enough for now.  I have a new magazine to read, er, look at, so, bye!

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