Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Baskets for Students

I always get my students some treats for holidays.  I created this quick and easy Easter Bunny basket that the kids actually make as an art project one day and then I filled it with candy and treats later.
I bought a package of white lunch bags and traced the bunny ears on them so all they had to do was cut that part out.  Then they could decorate with markers.  I gave them a cotton ball for the nose and tail on the back.  They then added the googly eyes and black pipe cleaner for whiskers. Fun, right!?
I bought a large bag of Easter grass to line the bottom of each one.  I try to shop the day after holidays for huge discounts for the following year.  I found cute Easter bubbles, erasers and pencils for the baskets the previous year.  I put a few plastic eggs full of jelly beans, a mini M&Ms and chocolate bunny.  I filled the baskets while they were at recess and they were so shocked to see them sitting on their desks when they got back. 

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