Thursday, November 14, 2013

No Shame November: A Letter to my 19 yr old self

A reader's submission for No Shame November:
Dear 19 year old self,
Hello, 19 year old me.  This is yourself now at 34 years young.  I said young, because, even at 34 you are still very much young and have many great things in life to look forward to.  And I can also say yes, you still got it and are still just as pretty, maybe even better in fact.  I know you think you absolutely need your eyeliner and dark eye shadow.  Trust me, you don’t.  You will learn that someday though so not to worry.  You will make mistakes, you will learn from them.  Life is all about learning.  Learn all you can, which means go to class.  I mean it, go to class, which is probably right now 19 year old self.  

You have just settled into a relationship, and your heart is telling you the truth.  He is the one for you and you are still very much in love and married now.  The way he acts now is the same as then. He is your rock, he keeps you together.  The both of you will learn to be strong together and help each other through the rough times.  I say this with caution, you will endure a couple rough times that are outside of your control.  Lean on him, he will be there.  He will always be there.  You will need to talk, he will need you to talk.  You will rise up and get past the hurdles.  It will be hard, no doubt about it, but you make it. You make it and your love for your now husband grows stronger than you can ever imagine it could. 
You will have happiness, so much joy in your life. You will one day look into a little person’s eyes and your life will explode with joy, love and happiness.  Enjoy it, enjoy every day, every moment.  Take this piece of advice, smile every day, for something, anything.  Every day, even on the most difficult days there is something to smile about.

Your family and friends make this wonderful life worth living and smiling for.  Life is good and life will be good to you.  Keep on doing what you’re doing.  Live life, be happy, and go on and take on the world!


Your 34 year old self

 P.S. Quit smoking!  It is nasty ok. 

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