Sunday, December 8, 2013

Missing Lazy Days of Summer

As it is snowing right now, I got to thinking about how much I miss the lazy days of summer.  In those days of laying in the sun, jumping in the pool and lounging in the shade, we have a chance to unwind and reconnect with each other.  During the summer months, the kids and I are home on summer break and you would think that freedom would equal more time to write, blog and catch up in general, but instead we spend the days busy with summer activities.  Actually, I blog less when we are all home for summer break, go figure!

As the cold weather moves in and the snow covers the ground, I have more time to catch up and write more.  Since I didn't write much in the summer, here is a recap of those lovely summer days.  

Whether it's kicking back and puttin' your feet up for a rest or running through the mud on the ATV, Baby Moon can be found with wild hair and dirty clothes.

The summer home provides the relaxation that even Dalai Dad can enjoy.

Phoebe is a pro at lounging in the sun...and rolling in the grass.

And in the summer's bounty, we are blessed with raspberries.  Lots and lots of raspberries.

Summertime also brings loads of live music and outdoor concerts, our favorite.  You know the kind where you bring your own blanket, food and drinks and you stay up too late chasing lightening bugs and vegging out to stare at the stars?  Yeah, that's our favorite.

And then there are the family vacations to beaches.  Ah, those are a REAL treat!

There are boat rides and general silliness.

Oh, and don't forget feeding the gators!  That's pretty much the best part of summer days, don't you think?

Here we find the Cool Cat in his natural habitat, lounging by the pool before swimming lessons.

This dog knows how to do it!
Only about five more months until those lazy days return. For now, I will try to enjoy the freshly fallen snow, the fireplace and comfy hoodies. After all, Christmas break is only two weeks away, right? What are you missing about lazy summer days?

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