Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twin Stockings

I was reading my favorite blog the other day, M Cubed, which also happens to be my fabulous cousin Mandy. While looking at her Christmas pictures and Christmas happenings, I noticed that she had a picture of a mantel with stockings hung. I spied a very familiar looking stocking that said AMANDA on it.

Pictured here to the far left.

I commented that I had the same exact stocking with my name on it instead.
Seems our awesome Grandma Carol must have given us these stockings when we were little. Since Mandy and I grew up miles apart and really only met in our teens, we never knew that we had the same stocking. This just goes to show how rockin' our Grandma really is. It makes me wonder how many other little things that we may have that Grandma bought in two's!?


  1. It's so crazy that we had the same stocking and never knew it! Behold, the power of the internet coupled with Grandma Carol's awesome gift-giving ability! I love our stockings!

  2. gma carol was just sick and tired of those damn socks, and they were still in good shape, and thought, hum what can i do with these???? oh i know, i'll have the kids names sewen on them and they can use them for christmas stockings. what a great idea!!!! lol